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  1. Welcome to AS I am so sorry for the abuse you had to go through . I have CSA for 9 years by a very very close family member in my home . you found a supportive strong place with no judgement and there is always someone here to chat when you need or want to . Welcome to AS
  2. New

    Sorry for the trama you went through . I am so glad you found this place. It is full of strong supportive people Welcome and i hope you are able to heal with as few problems as possible. Welcome to AS
  3. New Here

    sorry for the trama that brought you here no one should have to go through that here you will have support and someone to talk to when needed WELCOME TO AS
  4. Hello

    Welcome to AS . I am very sorry for the pain and trama that brought you heŕe you have found a strong supportive place if you need to talk we are all here for you
  5. A survivor handling the burden for 30 years

    Anytime you want to PM me . I am on this site at least 10 times a day . Drop me a note . I can open up and let you know what i am going through if you like. that may give you the ability to know what is happening if it start to happen to you. anytime I am here to listen . I wiĺl sit with you . or maybe you will need a picket rider if you are going somewhere you just drop me a note Anytime!!! sorry for the reason any and all of you are here!!!!
  6. A survivor handling the burden for 30 years

    Welcome to AS sorry for the trama you have gone through Like you it was 30 plus years before I said anything this last January. I am figuring out that waiting and keeping it in was a horrible idea . hope you have an easier time controlling the flood of thing that may try to hold you back after keeping it in for so long Everyone here will help as much as they can . they have moved mountains for me and I only been here a month or so . PM me if you ever want to talk or may need to open up . I know what it is like to keep it in for so long Welcome we are all here for you
  7. Hoping for Hope

    Welcome to AS . sorry for the reason you are here . like everyone no one should have to deal with that trama Like me you will have no problem finding support and any questions answered with tons of advise Welcome try not to be shy!!!
  8. New Here

    Thank you all for the welcoming It feels good to know there is people that truly understand Thank you all so much
  9. Hesitant Introduction

    Welcome Just_trying I was the same way . did not open up about my S.A. for a very long time . here you can take things at your speed and say or ask what you want or nothing at all. you will find it very supportive and easy to communicate here WELCOME
  10. New Here

    Just wanted to say hello. great site to have!!!!!!!