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  1. Many of those things ring true, and are wrong. Change is happening slowly and it's spotty. Repairing or even dealing with such a personal violation is a lot of work for those that have been hurt. Thank you for such a wonderful post.
  2. I see a kid and not a butterfly as your avatar, maddy.
  3. Hello and welcome. :flowers:
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    Welcome to AS. I hope you find comfort here.
  5. gumby

    The Edge

    Edge thanks for the advice. She knows how to do things. I really think the pecking order tips. Her major issues are chewing, the bitter apple isn't bitter to her, and yanking my stuff like shoe laces, socks, glasses, pens only my stuff. Oh she's stubborn and not mean at all and beyond energetic she likes walks, parks, rides. When she's sick, she acts like a calm puppy. She's umm... ...She's a full fledge puppy. The hierarchy info is especially helpful thank you again. Oh with the shepherd thing...I use the alternate breed name for the white shepherds, American shepherd, because they can't compete. Both are better than how she looks like a fox, wolf, or coyote, because of the solid coat. It's funny how they are extra alert toward other shepherds. Welcome again to AS and hope you find the forum as helpful and supportive as I have, even for recently finding this forum. and
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    The Edge

    Welcome. I already have my cup and blanket and all. I am ready to read. I also have a white shepherd, who is overly curious. I could use some puppy training tips. She's a big pup and almost acts like a kid. Again welcome to AS.
  7. Welcome, glad to have you here. You can always join. There are many great people here. I like most have good and bad days. Overall I'm an optimist. Welcome and enjoy and I hope you find great support from everyone.
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