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  1. As far as friends, family and other loved ones who want to join AfterSilence, are they able to go in and offer support to survivors? Or are they constrained to just supporting other friends, family and loved ones of other survivors? It seems like this group shouldn't just be about survivors gathering in a closed group supporting each other. It seems to me like the rest of the world ought to be able to come here and show compassion and support. 

  2. I totally suggest reporting it. For your and the world's sake. It took me five years to report a not-very-violent sexual assault that I did not fight out of fear of escalating a situation into something horrifying with a large man on drugs and alcohol. I had moved back to Michigan when I reported it, and the police officer who took the report over the phone was amazing. Obviously very well-trained on this subject. It really couldn't have gone better. He totally got why I had taken five years to report it, too. This is pretty common, apparently. I'm glad I did it because it is now officially on the guy's record in case he tries something like this ever again or has done so in the past. 

    This is just my humble opinion, of course. 

    Good luck,


  3. Thank you all so much for your kindest words! Some good news is that I seem to have finally found the right therapist to help me through all of this! What a grand relief (big sigh). 

    Thanks again,


  4. Hi there,

    I am so happy to have found this place on the internet thanks to a kind person on the Inspire Community, which is also a great place for support...I am currently recovering traumatic memories from my childhood (which include sexual abuse), so it is a very hard time for me. That has happened before for me, but always in the past it was accompanied by severe mental illness, so I eventually wrote the memories off as "illness." However, now I am quite in remission from mental health problems, and the same stuff is coming up again. 

    I could use all the support I can get at this time, as I have a terrible support network and can't tell most of my family members about this all. For, the first time I came out about the sexual abuse--years ago, when I was not well--my whole family turned their backs on me. I can't risk that happening again because of how much pain it caused me and because my mother pays my medical bills and prescription copays, still. 


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