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  1. New member

    Aw, thanks @bluesclues 😁
  2. New member

    Thanks @Struggling88 Have a good evening/day depending on timeline 🌟
  3. My Birthdate Is On My Profile

    Finally! I can still see my date, but it's worked. Awesome thanks peeps 🌟
  4. My Birthdate Is On My Profile

    No, it hates me! Am glad my panic/stress/paranoia coping techniques are better lol
  5. My Birthdate Is On My Profile

    Yes I have tried many variations and saved and it still wants to broadcast it, must be a glitch. I'll try bogus again and see. It did do just month and date once but then switched back?
  6. My Birthdate Is On My Profile

    Is this true of the sidebar on left that it is only visible to us when on not telling as it's showing there no matter what I do, aargh
  7. My Birthdate Is On My Profile

    This is doing my head in too and it won't remove it no matter how much I try and at first I'd only entered it on private sign up. Please help, been trying not to freak out!
  8. New member

    @silentg, thank you very much. Glad you manage to help others and get help for yourself too. A good balancing act and refreshing for me to get help for myself with regards to certain subjects. Take care 🌟
  9. New member

    @fallenstar, thank you for the lovely welcome 😃 I'm glad too 🌟
  10. Hello

    Hi @For Healing, I can imagine a good healing by the end of a year on this site, I'm very enthusiastic about it and only started today. It seems to me a very good and safe place to start. Good luck on your journey, take care 🌟
  11. Hello all

    Hi @lena-bear I have recently joined and find this site to be very friendly and helpful, hope you do too, take care 🌟
  12. New member

    Same here honey, am pretty crap at reaching out tho, so may just start with a bit of banal conversation to get going, like ...watching anything good, how ru etc 🌟
  13. New member

    I'm talking to one person on messenger and it's been really really good. Kept me grounded today. Also the topics on here are well thought out and could be very helpful for me, I'm so glad I found this site and am very grateful for it atm. Very grateful, as was nearing the end of my tether with things on this front. It's nice talking to people and I hope people get to know that they can talk to me about anything too. Have been in the mental health system for many years and am quite good at talking with people about their problems and it's good to help, makes one feel more human and not so useless. 🌟
  14. New member

    @Oneinamillion thank you and yeah people have been being pretty awesome on here and am feeling very comfortable already. What a great site 👍🌟
  15. New member

    Thank you silentg and reglois 👍😀 I am here for people too btw Take care all of you 🌟