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  1. @sybilscrush Hi and welcome
  2. @Free4ever Hello, welcome to this very helpful site. I can relate deeply to what you are going through. You are not alone on those feelings from trauma. Sending you good vibes and hope this community helps you on your journey to healing. Send a message anytime, to vent, chat, whatever
  3. @Warriorgirl1 Hi and @Hugakeribear hi
  4. @Lily S Hi - welcome
  5. @Emmloren Hello and welcome, this is the right place to be for help and support. Best wishes for you and your healing journey
  6. @kala1024 Hi Kala - welcome and sorry for what brings you here, but you are in a safe place and it will get better with time and support. I understand how you feel. You are not alone. This site really helps. Big hugs to you if ok.
  7. @PBJ17 Hello. This is definitely the place to find support, welcome - and sorry for what has brought you here. Sounds like you are very strong and making the right decisions for your healing. Hope today finds you some happiness and peace. Sending you positive vibes
  8. @SunflowerLuvr95 Welcome, although I am sorry for what brings you here - you are in a safe place. Thank you for sharing. Every type of courage is inspiring - and you do have courage. Sending you positive vibes
  9. Beekey


    @drgncro Hello - sending you positive vibes
  10. @Dreamch8sr I know how you feel. Stay strong.
  11. Hi Sarah, nice to meet you. You are safe here - I am finding that out gradually myself
  12. Hi AJ - you're not alone. I hope you're able to find something about today that makes you smile because you deserve some peace and happiness.
  13. Thank you MeBeMary - I am finding that this site can be extremely beneficial for my mental health. There is a lot of comfort in not having to go somewhere publicly in person in order to feel safe and understood. That was a real issue for me. Its only been a few days, but I feel a nice change already - so thank you.
  14. Thank you Fallenstar
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