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  1. Hello I've technically been a member of AS for about 18 months, but I only hung around for a couple of weeks when I joined in summer 2017, because I wasn't really in the right place for dealing with/talking about things. I'm hoping to stick around longer this time, because I've finally got a really good therapist and I feel like I'm in a good position to deal with the effects of being abused. But it's really hard and I could do with some support. In terms of other random things about me that are safe to put in an introduction on a public forum, when I'm not talking to people online, I'm self employed part time and a PhD student (on a subject related to trauma) the other half of the time, and I'm a massive nerd. I'm happiest when immersed in Doctor Who, bird watching, Star Trek, astronomy, Terry Pratchett...if you need someone to distract you from difficult stuff with a stream of rubbish about nature or Sci Fi, I am your person!
  2. Hello. I just wanted to say that I think you were really brave to write all of that out, especially when you've not told many people before. I'm glad you found it soothing, I find writing helpful too.
  3. Hello I'm new too so thought I would say hi to you! I've found it helpful to just look through the forums slowly and see what is relevant and where. I hope you find lots of support here
  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone @Bluesclues - I'm doing a Masters of Research in psychology at the moment, and looking for research jobs/PhDs related to autism. I dropped out of university multiple times before graduating from my undergraduate degree three years ago, so it's good to be completing things these days. It's a great idea to take time out when you're struggling though, I would still do the same thing if my mental health or life started getting in the way of studying again. I hope things get better for you soon!
  5. Hello I'm not sure what I can post here, being a public forum, but it also seemed polite to introduce myself before turning up in other places. I'm in my 30s, have a long history of mental health trickiness related to the reasons for being here, and I'm also autistic, so if I say things that seem a bit random please feel free to prod me into explaining, because often things make much more sense in my head than they do in the words I use! In lots of ways my life is quite good right now - I'm happily married to a fellow survivor who is really supportive and lovely, doing great in a postgraduate degree I'm finishing off, self employed and my business is doing okay, and I never thought I would have any of these things a few years ago because I've been really unwell with PTSD and anorexia. But stuff still keeps intruding on my life and I'm trying to work through it so I'm less likely to keep having big breakdowns every few years - hence joining these forums. I'm looking forward to meeting you all
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