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  1. Hello I've technically been a member of AS for about 18 months, but I only hung around for a couple of weeks when I joined in summer 2017, because I wasn't really in the right place for dealing with/talking about things. I'm hoping to stick around longer this time, because I've finally got a really good therapist and I feel like I'm in a good position to deal with the effects of being abused. But it's really hard and I could do with some support. In terms of other random things about me that are safe to put in an introduction on a public forum, when I'm not talking to people online,
  2. Hello. I just wanted to say that I think you were really brave to write all of that out, especially when you've not told many people before. I'm glad you found it soothing, I find writing helpful too.
  3. Hello I'm new too so thought I would say hi to you! I've found it helpful to just look through the forums slowly and see what is relevant and where. I hope you find lots of support here
  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone @Bluesclues - I'm doing a Masters of Research in psychology at the moment, and looking for research jobs/PhDs related to autism. I dropped out of university multiple times before graduating from my undergraduate degree three years ago, so it's good to be completing things these days. It's a great idea to take time out when you're struggling though, I would still do the same thing if my mental health or life started getting in the way of studying again. I hope things get better for you soon!
  5. Hello I'm not sure what I can post here, being a public forum, but it also seemed polite to introduce myself before turning up in other places. I'm in my 30s, have a long history of mental health trickiness related to the reasons for being here, and I'm also autistic, so if I say things that seem a bit random please feel free to prod me into explaining, because often things make much more sense in my head than they do in the words I use! In lots of ways my life is quite good right now - I'm happily married to a fellow survivor who is really supportive and lovely, doing great in a po
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