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  1. Allison Jo

    The nightmare

    Your parents sound like a wonderful support system to have. I'm so glad you were strong enough to report this. So many of us aren't, I am sitting with you, and listening.
  2. Live in the moment... Many of us have heard this but we can't truly understand what is meant by it, or at least I cant. For the majority of my life I take the road that is always traveled, I play it safe. But is that living in the moment? Will I have regrets? Will I continuously be scared to take chances, to think of the what-ifs? I'm scared. I graduated college with a degree in elementary education, and I'm scared to fulfill this dream because I have these thoughts coursing through my head. What if I have a panic attack. What if my mood swings happen on a school day and I can'
  3. Childhood. A word that I've learned on this site was taken away to soon for so many. Innocence that was ruined, and can never be restored. My story isn't of any big thing, but a realization that I've had over the last couple of years. I grew up poor. Dirt poor. An exciting month was a dollar menu burger from McDonald's. It was learning to ask for rides to make it to school from neighbors because we couldn't fill our gas tank. It was the free meal at lunch being the only one I would get. Getting hand-me-downs was my idea of new clothes. It was learning that my pet rabbit was actually
  4. Freshman year. Fall 2012, I was starting a new life and a better one because I was in control with no limits. It was the start of the college season and being a shy person, it was a slow start, never really fitting in was also a hinderance. Finally I had a date set up with a guy on my floor and boy was he adorable. But he never showed...I was humiliated, it didn't help that my last relationship ended with me being broken into pieces, but now this?? I've always had an internal struggle of trying to tell myself, fool myself into thinking, that I am worth it. I am beautifu
  5. This is new and scary. I'm a faceless being, and it's exciting and intense. But scary knowing I finally have a place to be heard, or finally a place to have a voice. I am not alone. Something I heard through councling, and support groups. But I always felt alone because I never truly felt safe to talk the real talk. I never truly felt that what my counselor would hear would stay between us. I never felt safe from gossip in small group sessions held in a church. Here I do So thank you Thank you for reading and being a support to a broken person Thank you for being you
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