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  1. Hello

    Hi @kyla, Welcome to AS, though I'm sorry for the experiences that brought you here. I think many of us can relate to your feelings; I held my story inside for years. In the beginning, I spent my time reading the articles and posts of others. It took time and getting to know some of my friends on the site before I wanted to share about myself and what happened. You are free to share as little or as much as you'd like and to appreciate the unconditional support you'll find here. Gold Raindrops
  2. One Year of Healing

    Gryffindor, definitely. Yes, too many of us share the same story. We have to be here for each other.
  3. One Year of Healing

    What house are you in at Hogwarts? Sorry, had to write that - I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I think you have come to the right place. There are many kind and understand people here who will be able to relate to your experiences - there are just too many of us out there with the same types of tragic stories. Sorry for all your suffering, but I think it's brave of you to set out on your healing journey. We're all here for you, any time. Gold Raindrops
  4. I think I will be back

    I think that members should come and go as they feel safe. Feelings can come up unexpectedly at times and blindside us, so we might need to take a break and come back when we're able. I don't think anyone here would hold that against you or judge you for it. All the best to you. GoldRaindrops
  5. Hi im new and need some people to talk to ty

    @Sadandworried, I'm sorry for what brought you here, but you will find many supportive and non-judgmental people. You are not alone.
  6. Terrified for Mrs. Blasey Ford

    Hi JNoel and CrimsonQ, I am with you guys on this. I don't think it's ever been harder for me to see a SA case on the news. I saw on the RAINN website that they have an "unprecedented amount of traffic" in the last two weeks. It's like all around the country women are seeing Dr. Ford and are reliving their own stories. I just saw footage of a Trump rally in Mississippi where they were saying all kinds of terrible things about her (on NPR, I think), and it made me want to throw up. It's awful. My experience reporting was very difficult. It's like people can't help but put the woman on trial.
  7. I’m a mess

    I'm very, very sorry for your suffering. Many of us here have the same story....you are not alone. For years I blamed myself for my assault because I froze. I knew what was happening, my intuition told me it was wrong, but I turned to stone. Therefore, I decided it was my fault. I think you'll find many supportive friends here who share the same story.
  8. Almost 8 years later...

    Sometimes that's how it goes. I am at the nine year point and for some reason, feelings have been stirred up recently. I thought I was doing so well, for years even, and then I remembered certain things and had a difficult few months. You are understood and supported here.
  9. New Member -- Looking for hope

    Welcome to AS. I believe you, too, and I think you'll find a kind and supportive community of people here who can relate to your experience. There are many informative posts and resources. Take care of yourself.
  10. Recent Survivor

    So sorry for what happened to you, but I think you will find a loving a safe community here. My trauma was almost nine years ago, but I only joined recently (and I wish I had joined a lot sooner). I think you will find a loving and safe community with lots of resources available when you need them.
  11. My Story (Trigger Warning)

    I'm so sorry. I have a similar story. Remember one thing: don't get frustrated with yourself if it takes a lot of time to get over this. My attack happened a little over eight years ago, and I have found the pain comes in waves. I'll be fine for a while, then it will bubble up again (or memories surface), and I have to deal with it. Take it a little at a time and reach out to people you trust to help you. And yes, I have fought the feeling of guilt for years, even though I know logically that I couldn't have fought him off. This is a great site - full of supportive people.
  12. Finding a light at the end of this tunnel

    Welcome, I am new also, and already it's been a huge step forward for me. I've mostly been reading other people's posts, and it's amazing how many of my experiences have been validated by seeing that there are people out there exactly like me. It's amazing. I couldn't believe it. I blamed myself and have struggled with the details of my memories for years, and here I have found that there are people with exactly the same triggers, feelings, sleep disturbances, etc. I know it won't cure everything, but it meant so much to me to know that. I wish we never needed to be here, but there are many of us here to help and support each other.
  13. First Time Here - Very Nervous

    Thank you so much. Everyone has been so kind. I am also sorry you have a reason to be here.
  14. New..

    You and I are in exactly the same situation. I have thought about joining for months, but in all honesty have been too afraid. Finally worked up the courage. I am sorry for the traumas that brought us here.
  15. First Time Here - Very Nervous

    Hello Everyone, I am extremely nervous to be posting here. My trauma happened eight years ago and I have some "blurry" abuse memories from childhood. I have only told a few of my closest friends about it and I feel like it would be helpful to know a few others who struggle with some of the issues I do. I am a happy, religious, grateful person who loves my life, but I still carry pain from what happened and sometimes it comes to the surface. I get severe migraines and once in awhile a nightmare that is so vivid it puts me back into the most horrible moments of my life. Does anyone know what it's like to feel an obligation to be "healed" and guilt when the pain arises again? Sometimes I am caught off guard when the pain comes "bubbling up," because years have gone by. I just try to do what I imagine we all try to do - pray and keep moving forward. Sometimes, though, it would be nice to know there are friends out there who understand. My best wishes to everyone here.