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  1. Thank you so much. Everyone has been so kind. I am also sorry you have a reason to be here.
  2. You and I are in exactly the same situation. I have thought about joining for months, but in all honesty have been too afraid. Finally worked up the courage. I am sorry for the traumas that brought us here.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am extremely nervous to be posting here. My trauma happened eight years ago and I have some "blurry" abuse memories from childhood. I have only told a few of my closest friends about it and I feel like it would be helpful to know a few others who struggle with some of the issues I do. I am a happy, religious, grateful person who loves my life, but I still carry pain from what happened and sometimes it comes to the surface. I get severe migraines and once in awhile a nightmare that is so vivid it puts me back into the most horrible moments of my life. Does anyone know what it's like to feel an obligation to be "healed" and guilt when the pain arises again? Sometimes I am caught off guard when the pain comes "bubbling up," because years have gone by. I just try to do what I imagine we all try to do - pray and keep moving forward. Sometimes, though, it would be nice to know there are friends out there who understand. My best wishes to everyone here.