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  1. you should never allow anything like this shame you for it happening to you ..was not your fault that this horrid thing happened and yes do go to the police and tell them what you remember,it might help them to strop him before he does it again i am a survivor myself of rape too and i felt for the longest time i was at fault for it happening to me too
  2.                                                                 Better then Me

    he told you that he loved you 
    he told you that you hold the moon and stars 
    he told you there is no other 

    he never told me the same
    he never told me you were meant to be his 
    he never held me close to the flames 

    he told you that you were the best 
    he told you that you that there was no other 

    he never told me that you were there 
    he never told me what he thought about me 
    i was never enough 

    i was replaced by a ghost 
    i lost my soul in flames of resentment 
    i lost my mind trying to be his everything

    all i ever wanted was to be held when i fell and hit the ground
    he never did any of these things for me 

    he thinks you are better then me 
    he thinks the lies will save him from the flames in my eyes 

    he thinks his soul will fly to you 
    he thinks i will one day forgive 
    he thinks i have no place in his life 

    i gave my best to be what he wanted and got burned for it 
    i gave up my everything to be there 

    what you will never be is me 
    what you have done is taken more then you are worth 
    what you are to me is a nothing thats all you both will always be to me 

    your not better then me 
    your not nor will you ever be me 
    you will one day regret what you have done 
    there will come a day when you face me 

    god may forgive the betrayal 
    but i will never forget the pain you both caused me 


  3. jenay

    this is me

    after years of surviving this is me now
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