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  1. Hey Suz welcome to AS! I'm fairly new as well and I want you to know this board is very welcoming and supportive if you need to talk about anything please by all means pm me. I'm always there to listen
  2. "It is so easy to descend into madness, then opening doors and exposing old wounds..."-Timi Afternoon, umm i am so not good at introductions lol. But my name is Timi! I am a 22 years old african american chick from Louisiana. Currently a junior in college but opt out this semester to better my mental and physical health. I am a incest and child molestation survivor and finally receive professional help through therapy. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, and Bipolar disorder have been plaguing my life every since i was child. I thought i could live with what happen to me, continue to interact with my abuser.... But after a mental breakdown, i knew i could no longer walk in my own shadows. I been lurking on message boards and with the new found strength i now have, i am ready to share my story. I want to help others who dealt with the same pain i have carried for so long. I would love to hear from others and I WANT TO BE CLEAR: My message box IS ALWAYS OPEN. Even if it is something small, like talking about your day. Always know i am here and willing to listen. So follow me through my retelling of my journey, How i transcend through Each Stage to recovery & peace... *Please Note-My grammar is horrible and one of the reasons that i have not participate in messageboards more sooner. Please excuse that because it is one of my insecurities
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