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  1. @phoenixxx It is, my degree really is my life i love it so much. But, yes. People really do expect you to have all the answers and thats not helpful when you're hurting. I wish people had the same attitude as you as you're right, it doesn't discriminate. I'm sorry we're all in the same position of having to be here after trauma but i'm glad this site exists; it's proving to be an absolute blessing.
  2. Thank you everyone, i feel very overwhelmed by the welcomes and support right now. I'm unusually emotional, I'm very grateful @phoenixxx I'm studying for my MSc in clinical psychology, which has made this journey harder, as the people around me expect me to be this strong, unwavering pillar who would never be manipulated or r**** by my boyfriend. But in reality, i'm just like everyone else and have fallen apart since then. I really hope no one judges my MSc, i'm not here to look into or judge anyone. I think i just need some friendly faces around that understand, and thats why I'm here.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been debating back and forth as to whether i should introduce myself on the site or whether i was just happy reading; however here i am diving in head first. It's taken about 6 months to come to terms with what happened to me; and to accept that my boyfriend could be the perpetrator. He was very manipulative and controlling in every aspect of my life and I'm all too good at boxing away feelings and not dealing with things until a much later date but i've learnt that doesn't really work. I eventually separated from him in January and told close friends the details of what
  4. Hi sunshine I like your name! i'm sorry for the trauma that has bought you here, but the people on AS seem so caring and supportive. You are not alone in this.
  5. @oceonwaves I'm glad you've found AS and I'm sorry for the trauma you've experienced. You're not alone.
  6. @Twentyyearsthisyear I'm truly sorry to hear you've been through trauma, but i'm glad you've found the site and i hope it will be healing for you. I'm new here and i don't really know the logistics of the site yet, but will be happy to chat if you need a friendly face. safe hugs if okay
  7. Verdif


    Hi Emmah, I'm new here too, I'm sorry you have experienced trauma but i'm glad you found the site too. Verdif
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