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  1. Being lonely and being a loner..the cure is difficult to reach. I do not deserve to be lonely because I'm not the making friends type and I'm in a relationship so I should not be but for reasons I can't disclose here I am. Introverted so going to social functions IRL make me drained after a while.

    I wish I was easy to please. It was good when I was a kid. My mom would buy me stuff for holidays and I'd be happy with whatever it is.

    I wanted to go on vacation during this hot weather. I need that escape from all that is plaguing me but alas part of the problem I am trying to escape from is money worries so the thing that is required to go is exactly one part of what's plaguing me. Ha so funny.



  2. I'm afraid to tell people about it often times because then I won't be able to tell them about anything else I am feeling. This kinda happened to me before which makes it worse. I don't know if I told them about my assault but I told them my story of my childhood and my father. Well they implied that my feelings for a guy weren't real because they just stemmed from not getting enough love from him. It's difficult because people make assumptions about the rest of your feelings or your life. I know that it's easy for them too because on the surface that's the way it looks and that's how it commo
  3. Aquarlefty


    I thought I registered here before but I guess I didn't because I tried logging in with all my different email addresses and no account so maybe it was somewhere else. Oh well...anyway having a hard time. The last time it happened was not too long ago. I feel like it has affected my focus and possibly my ability to get a job.
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