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  1. Hello AfterSilence, thank you for being here!

    Hello Sam and Struggling!
  2. Hello AfterSilence, thank you for being here!

    Thank you so much for the warm welcomes and encouragement!
  3. I am 32 and my incident happened in November of 2011. I recently watched '13 Reasons Why' on Netflix and the special where they talk to the cast and crew. They stated how important it is to talk about your experience, saying that the more you tell your story the less power it has over you. When I reflected on that, I realized I hadn't really talked much about it. I started looking for a way to talk about it and found AS, which was so perfect because I felt like I had just shut up or shut down. I didn't want to burden my family/friends with my experience more than I already had. Thank you for being here to give me this opportunity from the safety of my home. I can't begin to express how much I appreciate all the work your teams must do to keep this site available for us.