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  1. Bluesclues

    In my yard

    It’s so green! That’s so nice to see! I used to live in the tropics and moved to the desert about 1.5 yrs ago, I miss the green and all the life that comes with it and supports it.
  2. @amallison0084 yes! Uncalled. For and unethical! I was horrible at taking meds and I hated them. I sometimes feel like it would be better if I were back on them, but I think I’m okay, I hope the same for you, mess can suck. I am SO glad you’re looking into getting another one, you need one that knows how this works. Sitting with you!
  3. @amallison0084 THAT IS INCREDIBLE! He’s a doctor? With an actual degree? And he took you off of ALL meds?? AT THE SAME TIME? Shitttt. I would have been LIVID! I’m frikin pissed off for you! It’s incredibly dangerous to stop taking just antidepressants so I’m sure stopping all of those was dangerous! I remembered I stopped taking my antidepressants and andtianxiety meds and my brain felt so weird. I can’t even describe how I felt. Also the demanding comment is f***ing sexist, just saying. Is there another Pdoc you can see? That’s appalling.
  4. Hi, @darklollix I also only have a therapist for support so I understand that struggle and how alone that is. I am sorry for what brought you here and I’m sure you will find more than just answers to your questions. So many safe hugs is that’s okay
  5. @1444Fireflies welcome to as!
  6. Oh, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. The Southwest is gorgeous in its own ways! I’m also growing tired of where I am, I’ll be moving farther north, Albuquerque. I plan on going to school there when I turn 24, my friend from Florida is going to move here with me for a year, so hopefully having a buddy will help me make more friends and explore more places. I REALLY want to go up to Co and UT, the pictures are amazing! I’ve flown into Denver before, it was breathtaking. I hope the change will help you rediscover Co, too.
  7. @iamnotbubba wow so two weeks after irma I moved from orlando, Florida to a city on the borders of New Mexico and Mexico. It’s intersting to read the move the other way. I could t imagine going from dry to THAT humid. I also felt so free when I first moved out here. The desert is so VERY different from the colors and abundance of wildlife in Florida. I thought I was thriving, too. And then I wasn’t. I was at my lowest point ever I’m doing pretty okay now. I’m so glad you had that experience with the group and now your current mental state! That’s awesome! Congrats! I’m not there yet, I can say
  8. Hi, just checking in. Hope you’re doing okay. 

  9. @Harmony5kw I’m sorry for what brought you here and if it’s okay I would like to sit with you also give some safe hugs.
  10. @SuddenCircles welcome to AS. I’m sorry for what brought you here. So many safe hugs, if that’s ok.
  11. Bluesclues

    2nd session

    @GordyGood for you for getting back into therapy. I’m numb with my memories too at the moment. With time my emotions come and go, I feel like having the emotion connected with the memory of the event is very important in healing. You have to feel the emotion you felt that/those moments in order to complete it and release it. I just read trauma and memory by Peter Levine, it was an informative read in really sorry about your mom. I hope they’re able to prevent him from visiting her anymore and also find her phone. Sitting with you and safe hugs
  12. I’m sitting with you @blackroses1999
  13. Alexithymia

    the inability to connect with, name, and communicate emotions

    1. snmls


      yup, I Definitely have that.  Didn't know there was a name for it. 

    2. Bluesclues


      @snmls I didn’t either!! That’s why I posted it 😁

      I like that’s there’s a word for it, I’m not alone with it, there are enough people with it for there to be a word

  14. @Elizabeth Campbell I am so sorry for what brought you here. Like silent g said, you have found a safe place. So many safe hugs if that’s okay, if not then I’m sitting with you if that’s okay.
  15. Welcome, @Strawberry86 theres a lot of support and understanding here. Safe hugs if that’s okay
  16. Welcome, @mahzorro i am so sorry for what you’ve been through. I wanted to offer so many safe hugs. I’m currently really sick, so my brain is kind of dead. So many safe hugs if that’s ok
  17. I love these @CrimsonRegrets
  18. @skysky Hi. Welcome to AS. You are not alone, we all or most of us have those same feelings. You will get better, in time and with work. There's a lot of frustration, fear with realizations, difficulty trying to gain trust again, seeing life in a better light. It's all very difficult and like I said it takes time. For me I am continuously up and down with my emotions. I'm still trying to find my triggers and knowing my reactions and how to prevent myself from crashing horribly. I hope this is making sense, I am sitting with you. Healing takes time and a sh*t ton of work, but it can be done.
  19. Welcome to AS. I have found a plethora of support and healing through this site and hope you do too!
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