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  1. Thank you so much heath for helping me to understand it I thought maybe I took it out of context that is why I thought I should just aske. Ang
  2. Hi I am really confused really extremly confused okay I think maybe I am taking this out of context so I will say how I understand it and if I am wrong cause I am not perfect please help me understand but okay what I am hearing is do not post if your a member that is new or is struggling. Am I understanding this correctly cause I would consider myself both so I shouldnt post? I am just really confused im sorry im not trying to be a baby but I really do not get it . Angela
  3. I did not notice any changes and I do not take any meds maybe I need to start. Angela
  4. determined I loved that analogy that you put down about the boats and I third the welcome. Ang
  5. Hi.

    Welcome to the group I hope you get all the guidance and support you need in this group. ang
  6. Abuse is Abuse no matter how it happened and it affects everyone differently. I hope you find all the support you need here in AS welcome. Ang
  7. Welcome to AS I hope you find all the support here you need. Ang
  8. I am new here so I did not know you when you were last here but welcome back I hope you find all the support you are needing in your healing journey here. Ang
  9. Welcome to AS I hope you find all the caring support here you need. Ang
  10. Welcome I hope that you will find all the support you are needing with your healing journey right here in this group. Ang
  11. Welcome I hope you find the caring and support you need right now in this group. Ang
  12. You will find lots of support here when you are ready but its okay to take your time. Ang