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  1. Negativity On The Boards

    Thank you so much heath for helping me to understand it I thought maybe I took it out of context that is why I thought I should just aske. Ang
  2. Negativity On The Boards

    Hi I am really confused really extremly confused okay I think maybe I am taking this out of context so I will say how I understand it and if I am wrong cause I am not perfect please help me understand but okay what I am hearing is do not post if your a member that is new or is struggling. Am I understanding this correctly cause I would consider myself both so I shouldnt post? I am just really confused im sorry im not trying to be a baby but I really do not get it . Angela
  3. Question About Font On Homepage?

    I did not notice any changes and I do not take any meds maybe I need to start. Angela
  4. T All My New Sisters And Bro's!

    determined I loved that analogy that you put down about the boats and I third the welcome. Ang
  5. Hi.

    Welcome to the group I hope you get all the guidance and support you need in this group. ang
  6. Hello Again

  7. Hi, I'm New Here

  8. I Am New And Eager/scared

    Abuse is Abuse no matter how it happened and it affects everyone differently. I hope you find all the support you need here in AS welcome. Ang
  9. New Member Here

  10. Hello I'm New.

    Welcome to AS I hope you find all the support here you need. Ang
  11. Hello... Again

    I am new here so I did not know you when you were last here but welcome back I hope you find all the support you are needing in your healing journey here. Ang
  12. New Member

    Welcome to AS I hope you find all the caring support here you need. Ang
  13. Hey...

    Welcome I hope that you will find all the support you are needing with your healing journey right here in this group. Ang
  14. Introducing Myself....

    Welcome I hope you find the caring and support you need right now in this group. Ang
  15. Taking A Step At A Time...

    You will find lots of support here when you are ready but its okay to take your time. Ang