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  1. Thank you so much! I'm sorry that you don't have the offline support that you deserve,but I'm glad to hear that this board has been able to provide some of it!
  2. It means SO MUCH to know I'm not alone in that. I feel like I sorta HAVE to put on these fake smiles for some people, but here, I feel comfortable being more truthful, and that really feels like a blessing. thank you so much- I have felt very supported already and I've only been here a few days!
  3. It sometimes feels like trauma ages us a million years in just a few hours- I'm so happy that you've been able to survive the last few months so far. I agree- in person support is wonderful, but I am super happy for this one. It's terrible that there are so many people who can relate to this experience, at the same time, I feel so lucky to get to connect with people who understand what this is like.
  4. Wow! The responses here are so supportive and beautiful- thank you all for your kind words!
  5. Thank you so much! I've only been here a short time, but it seems like a very supportive and understanding group of people and I look forward becoming more involved.
  6. Hi! I'm new, but my experience is not. I've been going through therapy related to my alcohol abuse when memories of my assault came back. I feel so stupid for not stopping it, speaking up for myself, for being in the situation in general (This is all vague, but I suppose eventually I'll get around to writing my story and it will all be more clear.) I always thought of myself as an ally for assault victims, but now that I've accepted that I'm actually a victim myself, it's somehow harder to accept all the love and support that I KNEW victims deserve for myself. I've always
  7. @in_time Trying to figure out triggers can be so hard- good luck with your journey, and with your writing (if you are able to get to it) I hope that you've been having a good experience here and look forward to seeing you around.
  8. @Sylph You've said this so well. It's hard to have good days when you never know when the trauma will creep back into your life. Hopefully, this place (and any help we can get outside) will help us rebuild. You deserve the beautiful days to be pure again. (PS thank you @reglois!)
  9. @panket My gosh, you practically took the words just out of my mouth- not that you're sub human or ultra pathetic, because every inch of me believes that's not true- but I feel the same way about myself from time to time. I hope that you're having a good time here and that people are making you see how valuable and amazing you really are. Good luck on your journey both here and in real life!
  10. hi @Katie- Sometimes the loneliness is the scariest part of this- I'm glad that we've both found this place and I hope that you've already started to feel less lonely!
  11. hi @Kyne I'm new (and shy) as well, so I don't have any tips yet, but I'm excited to be here with you, and hope that we're both going to have a good time growing and healing here. I look forward to seeing you around!
  12. hi @Gryffindor Girl Reiterating what everyone else has said- it's wonderful to meet you and very sorry to have to do it under these circumstances. I struggle with accepting what's happened to me, as well, and sometimes almost have myself convinced that it must be something my mind made up. I'm hoping to find more people who struggle with this sensation, and that we can all grow together in our ability to accept that what has happened to us is real, but it doesn't have to define us. I hope to see you around, and that we both have a great experience with AS!
  13. hi @rebeccam Your trauma is so fresh- I hope that you are getting a lot of support IRL, but also look forward to helping support you emotionally in any way possible here. Good luck with your journey!
  14. hi @Sylph I'm new, too, and so sorry that we're meeting under such horrid circumstances. Your post touched me because I, too, have been struggling with accepting what's happened to me. I'm glad to see that you and I are not alone, and look forward to getting to know you better. I hope that if I can be of any help in your journey, you won't hesitate to contact me. Good luck with all that you're going through. We might feel broken, scared and ashamed, but we are never alone!
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