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  1. I hate when my therapist says things like "that sounds like self destructive behavior" mostly because I am annoyed at how transparent I amĀ :shrugs:

    1. Kmkz


      Maybe that's a good thing being transparent with your T? Remember therapy is a safe place.

    2. Unikitty


      Yeah, I usually just roll my eyes because I now she's right lol

  2. my feelings are hurt and i always wonder if i deserve it

    1. MeBeMary


      No, I don't think you deserve it. Sitting with you with a :hug: if ok.

    2. Unikitty


      thanks, I had a good chat today with some supportive people that really helpedĀ 

    3. 8888


      You don't deserve it.

  3. Trying to understand what happened

    Hello, i'm glad you found this place and I hope you come back when you need support.
  4. New

    I'm glad you found this forum and joined.
  5. Fresh Face

  6. New to all of this

  7. Hi, new here

    Hello and Welcome! I also tried to pretend it didn't happen or ignore/forget some of the trauma and starting therapy is hard and does bring up things you don't want to talk about but in the long run processing and confronting the pain is what allows it to heal, in my experience.
  8. Hi everyone, new here

  9. New to this site

    Welcome! I hope you find AS supportive and helpful on your road to recovery.
  10. hi new too

    No one should have to walk the road to recovery and healing alone. welcome to AS!
  11. Hello, I am new to this

  12. Hi there! Another newbie.

    Welcome! I hope you find AS a helpful and supportive part of your recovery journey.
  13. Hi!

    Welcome! I'm sorry for what you have experienced. I hope you find this community supportive and helpful for your healing.
  14. Here Again

    welcome back! and best wishes on your continued road to recovery.
  15. Trying to paint a nice picture

    Welcome! You are not alone and i can definitely relate to some of those self-blame statements. I hope you find this board helpful. I am fairly new here myself and have already felt the support from others that I sometimes miss in my offline life.