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    ways to feel and think better, helping animals and wildlife, reading my life away.

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  1. Welcome Kate, and I am sorry to hear of the circumstances which brought you to this site...I can relate to reading..with so many books available you can't go wrong. I've made reading one of my primary ways to get by, because it is nice to use my imagination and also because I am a very conservative and 'solo' kind of girl too.. I am looking for good books to start reading soon. I love mystery and fiction best. Otherwise I also write, and find it very cathartic and face it, you can write whatever you want and no one can limit your imagination! I hope you can overcome other people's doubts
  2. Thanks for everyone's replies! Warm regards.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I have been going this way alone and I'm just ready to connect with those who can relate to trauma/having PTSD. It can be pure misery on even the most beautiful days.
  4. Hello, I am (sometimes barely) holding onto the remnants of my self/life at this current point in time. I have a long way to go in healing. I barely just awakened to what happened to me. Thanks for reading.
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