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  1. I haven't slept in about 3 days and unfortunately this isn't new for me. I'm extremely lucky if I sleep 3 times a week even w/ these hard-core pills the DR. gives me. But its so beyond frustating!! He takes away pretty much everything else away in my life, can't I just have this one thing to myself? Please?? Maybe I'm more upset than usual cause it just happened again Friday and Saturday. But that's def not something I can tell any of my non-virtual friends lol. So hopefully writing some of it out here will give me a modicum of relief and can catch some sleep??? Wish me luck!!
  2. Thanks @Kyne. Yeah I suppose your right, that's a pretty good point! If you ever need anything or wanna talk let me know. Us newbies gotta stick together right lol.
  3. Thanks Sunshine! Let me know if you ever wanna talk about anything. Happy to help anyway I can!
  4. Thanks Sunshine! I def understand that feeling of being overwhelmed. It gets a little too much to bear sometimes and can feel like I'm going crazy?? Idk maybe I am crazy lol. But I hope this works for you too :).
  5. Hey Kyne and Sunshine! I'm also new and never joined a support group or anything. So I can definitely relate. I def feel a little awkward , but hopefully it'll help. Thanks for the post.
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