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  1. Debbie20


    Hello everyone. I'm new here. Just need to not feel alone anymore. To not feel judged. To not feel pressured to be okay right away. Anyways. Just wanted to say hello and thanks in advance for all of the support!
  2. Debbie20

    Just not sure.

    Came to this site because I guess I just need to find some safe place to outlet all of my feelings. Which I'm not even sure I know what all of these feelings are. I guess I mostly feel sad and alone. I met someone who seemed nice enough but turned out to be more aggressive than I was comfortable with. My friend warned me he wasn't a good person so I guess lately I've just been blaming myself for not hearing her out. For thinking he wasn't that bad. For not making an effort to stop him. I felt like dead weight. I felt like a prisoner for hours. I still feel like I'm trying to break out of this prison. What if no one understands? What if they blame me too? Its starting to weigh on me pretty heavily and I've begun to lash out at those who are only trying to help. But how can they help if they don't really understand the trauma? The pain? The disgust?
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