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  1. Hi all! 

    I was coming on here a couple years ago looking for help figuring out if my marriage was abusive.  Surprise! It was.

      I told him I needed space and moved out on my own a year ago- thanks partly to getting individual therapy but just as much due to all the help I received on here.  

    I’m so grateful for everyone’s repsonses during that time. It was what I needed.  

    I never thought I would be able to make it on my own,  but I’m actually doing better than ever on my own.  And I’m working towards getting divoraced.  

    Thank you After Silence  and everyone who helped me.  

  2. Hi tiger,

    Sorry for what happened to you 😔. I was assaulted as a child too and tried to forget. Now I'm an adult and finally dealing with it. Writing on here and in my journal had helped me a lot. I have dropped the guilt, and am starting to work through some of the shame :) welcome to AS! 

  3. Hi everyone,

    I was molested just one time at about 5 by an aqquaintance. I mostly blocked it out til now.  It didn't feel scary while it was happening so I didn't realize it was abuse until now.  Well my kids are getting to be the age I was so I couldn't ignore it anymore. At least now I know why I probably have all these problems despite being very fortunate in life. 

     I finally felt ready to try therapy now. I'm dissociating Most of the time ever since I started.  I also just don't feel upset at all about the incident so I don't know why I'm feeling bad all of a sudden. I really feel more upset about the various sexist incidents and some other sexual harassment I've experienced since then. I guess the feelings are all tied together. 

    Looks like a great forum, I'm grateful it is here for us! I really need something to get me through until the next therapy session. It's really seeming like I would have been better off not opening this can of worms at all at the moment. But it's too late now! So here I am. 

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