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  1. New here too

    You're not alone. You're brave and strong. Good for you for reaching out!
  2. Hello sisters!

    Hello all, I am a survivor like you. 18 years ago a stranger wrecked my world. It has taken years to get to a better place. I married a 'safe' man that I was unattracted to, and after 10 years, finally divorced. I now have a great husband that I am attracted to (!), and a beautiful daughter who is 3 years old. I thought I was OK and finally moving on, and then I was contacted by a detective regarding this old case. There is now a DNA match. Justice after all this time? But now, the legal system takes up the slack. The prosecution won't take the case, some technicality with the evidence. Who else has been pulled back in by these old kits being looked at finally? Talk to me! I feel victimized all over again, and by the system that's supposed to help!!