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  1. Welcome A lot of us are good at hiding, but here is where we can let it down....
  2. Hi Ali, Welcome to AS....I hope you feel much support here
  3. My mom always took this approach. When I started having the memories at around 18/19, I went to her and asked her to take me to therapy. She just said again that "it must be a very active imagination and it was in the past; what was the point in trying to remember or dredge something up like that?" My dad offered, but he said he would help me if I would just tell him what happened. But that was the point....I couldn't just sit down, face to face and tell my dad something like that. So, he went along with my mom. Denial is how my mom deals with things.
  4. "Oh, you always were so emotional. Don't hang out with such emotional friends and you wont' come up with such stories." Mom and Dad -- back to that loyalty issue......I still cannot feel anger towards my parents for this
  5. Welcome, I am new too. I will be 26 this month I have not written much either because as soon as I sit down to type, I am overwhelmed, but my mind has been out of control with all the things I coudl be saying. It has brought a lot to the surface just joining and reading....*meeting* others. Welcome
  6. bernadettem


    I think so. I'm new too. Please see my post below yours....and welcome
  7. I'm not sure if this is where I say hi. I'm figuring this thing out. This may sound odd, but my baby was diagnosed with PTSD (he's 30 months) due to severe medical trauma since birth, and it's made me come to terms with my own PTSD. No one could figure out what was going on with him, and there were times, I could see my own fear in his eyes....but could not believe a baby could be experiencing it. I did not *know* he had PTSD; I just knew the fear. It took me two years to understand what was happening to him. Anyways, its been a journey with me taking him to play therapy, listening to hi
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