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  1. Rebs


    hello. Hope you're ok and finding your way around the site! Definitely can help each other. That's why I'm here X
  2. There's the chat option. After you've posted 10 times. Go to the top of the page the you have the 3 lines icon... click on it... click browse.....click chat. You can private message people. Or just reply to people on there blogs and posts. Hope that helps . And feel free to private message me.
  3. I can relate to a lot of this and I can say I find this site so helpful. Main thing is !!! You can share as much or as little as you'd like and people here are very understanding.
  4. Hello from a fellow newbie I hope you'll find comfort and support as I have from this community
  5. Rebs


    Thank you. Was good talking with you. I hope you're ok.
  6. Rebs


    Thank you. Definitely feeling more relieved and supported within this group
  7. Rebs

    Hi All!

    hello to u. I'm a newbie too and finding much comfort in this site! Lovely community of people.
  8. Rebs


    I've done the same and in the very short time I've been on here (24 hrs) I've found much comfort in this site. I hope you do too.
  9. Rebs


    Thank you all for your replies. Although I wish there weren't I'm relieved to know there are ppl like me and there are ppl who understand what I'm feeling. My family are very supportive but trying to explain is very hard. X
  10. Hello. I am looking for the same thing. Knowing I'm not alone and things I think feel an experience are normal. Hope you receive some comfort from this group
  11. I'm new to this and slightly confused by the site and navigating myself around it. Chat rooms and needing passwords for certain threads/forums? Eeek help
  12. Rebs


    I really don't know how this works, but I'm going to try posting this. New to the site and I'm looking for comfort in knowing that how I feel isn't unusual and that things do get better. It will be exactly a year tomorrow that I was given a haunting memory that seems to dominate every day life for me and has turned me into someone I don't like being. I was so confident, out going, strong and independent before my incident (not overly sure on what I can and cannot say) and now I'm an anxious nervous self harming wreck! :z
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