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  1. welcome morg... nice to meet you it sounds like we have a lot of interests in common... although i am terrible at singing! i compose music instead
  2. Hey guys.... thank you all for the warm welcome. I really hope I can get a lot out of AS. I'm not so sure about opening up to my T.... but maybe one day.
  3. Hi guys..... I'm new here... joined a little while ago but have been lurking to get the courage to post... I'm 26, from the UK, like to play the guitar and write music. I was abused as a child, teenager and adult. Spent a long time burying it all and pretending it didnt happen, or that it was normal and everyone had stuff like that happen to them. Wasnt until about 2 years ago that I started to realise nothing about it was normal. I'd think about it occasionaly before then but not properly. Even convinced myself I had made it all up in my head a few times. Finally trying to think ab
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