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  1. Hello, and welcome! Talking can be both hard and helpful. I too have been about twenty years in working through my trauma. It is hard work, and what is important is not that we get through it by any sort of timeline, but rather that we give ourselves the time, respect, love, and understanding that we need as we travel our personal road of healing. I hope you will feel safe and comfortable here to open up to the extent that you want, so that you can find solace in sharing your story. You never have to feel alone here
  2. @soulpaws Not being a lone is a huge comfort. I'm increasingly hopeful I will find help here, as a result. @sianami Thank you
  3. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I feel very comforted by them and I'm trying, I think, to wrap my mind around the idea that there are actually so many people here who can relate and understand in their own ways. It's simultaneously sad to acknowledge that, as well as encouraging to think that I'm really not alone. I look forward to stepping out and exploring the rest of the forums here.
  4. Thank you @Hawkgirl, @Ian37, and @howlieowl. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had trouble taking the step and joining up initially. Hopefully it'll get a little easier as I go and adjust. It's already nice seeing people take the time to respond and welcome me
  5. I just wanted to make a little introductory post to say "Hi". I admit it's taken me a while to take this step. I found this forum over a month ago, and it took a couple weeks to get the courage to register, and even after I was fully registered, it took at least another week to make this first post. I have no idea with this is so difficult, but I'm really hoping to be able to find people here who understand and can relate, and gain some comfort and healing through the process...one step at a time :)
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