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  1. @nomadlady1 welcome, I am so sorry for the circumstances of why you have come to this site but glad you are reaching for help. I am 20 years old and I could not go on with functioning through every day life, college or any thing like that. I am still struggling with moving forward. I am always here to talk if you need someone to share your story with, talk about your day or just any advice. 

    Safe hugs if okay :hug:

  2. What people have gone through on this site, is not fair. The most important thing to remember is you are not alone. 

    The second thing is to remember to be gentle with yourself. Take your journey and healing process at your own pace. Don't rush, don't move to fast for anyone, this is about YOU. No one else. YOU are the one who has gone through this traumatic event. You need to love yourself through this journey. To be gentle you need to know that what you went through, is not your fault. It's these people who have abused us. They're not quite right in the head. 

    The last thing to remember is that, you are not guilty for anything. You are not wrong. You have been hurt in a way you did not expect to be or deserve to be. 

    Always remember to reach out if you want too. 

    Hugs if okay :hug:

  3. @Ayla3 I agree ! :) its really nice to know you are not alone and that people share the same problems as you. I feel like its a safe place to share as well ! Hope you are enjoying the site and feel free to message me if you ever need too !

  4. Hello, my name is Victoria and I'm new to the site. My therapist recommended I connect with fellow survivors. I have been going to therapy for a while but I'm still trying to cope and deal with what I've been through. 

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