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  1. Hi, I'm Faye. I've been sexually assaulted three times in my life. I'm glad to have found this community; thanks to all of you for making it happen. Feeling alone in the aftermath of a trauma is very painful indeed. It's been almost five years since the last time, but it creeps up on me sometimes, still. The whole election thing - the "grabbing" and the alleged assaults by our almost-President and his sickening words used to deny - really triggered me. I've been dealing with strong memories, and I'm angry, and I'm hurting again, in spite of the time passed. Anyhow. Glad to be here. Thank you.
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    Hi Devon. The documentaries The Hunting Ground and It Happened Here follow what some students have had to go through to get their assaults taken seriously on college campuses. Here's a really helpful website: http://knowyourix.org/ I feel for you. I too was first assaulted in college. Sending you wishes for a smooth recovery.
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