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  1. Bobbi27

    New here

    Welcome Reesab sorry for the reasons that have brought you here. Know that you have found a safe place to heal here at AS
  2. Hi Zoe. Sorry you have a reason to come to AS. But I am glad you're here now, you will find a welcoming and supportive community here. This is a safe place and you can heal, and you're not alone.
  3. Thank you @Hawkgirl and @Painnbroken for welcoming me. Knowing I have this site is helping already
  4. Thank you @MeBeMary. I appreciate the warm welcome. In glad I have found such a kind community to feel a part of
  5. Thank you. I am. I'm in that weird place where I'm almost scared to recover because it's been such a huge part of me for like half my life. But I want to start making steps in the right direction. Thank you for the welcoming hugs. I'm sorry that you also have your reasons for being here, I hope that you are on your way to where you'd like to be
  6. Hi, I'm not sure how much im really going to use this site. I found it months ago and found solace reading other survivors stories. It gave me hope. Hope that I too could move forward with my life. I thought maybe connecting with others here could make me feel less isolated, but also, maybe I could help someone else feel less alone. So hello everyone!
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