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  1. Yea, Its been such a long time and I guess Im not sure what I can do to feel safe. I can sleep as long as my bf is home albeit not really well. I still have nightmares constantly of stabbing someone who is assaulting me. My doors and windows are always locked. I feel like I live in a fortress more or less. However criminals always seem to find a way to get in when they really want to. It happened to me decades ago, so it could happen now. I have tried sleeping pills both prescription and OTC but they just serve to make me more tired than I already was. I have blocked out so many memories from my childhood and I am sure that I have PTSD from what happened plus with not sleeping....definitely makes for a bad combination. I always refused to be a victim and just pretended nothing happened but I now feel like that mindset just isn't healthy. I don't want to be a victim nonetheless that's exactly what I am. I guess I just don't know how to go on with life as a "normal person". Whatever that means....
  2. How have you coped? I find it difficult to sleep at night or to be alone. I am always on guard thinking I have to be looking over my shoulder 24/7
  3. I'm new to this and have no clue as to how to go about it. I'm a 22 year survivor and never sought counseling for my ordeal. I'm finding specific things in my daily life that I feel are impacted by what happened to me all those years ago. Just thought I might want to try this and interact with other people who have been through similar situations and how they have coped.
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