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  1. I am so sorry that happened to you! You may never completely come to terms with what has happened to you but each day you can learn how to take a piece of the pain away. Much easier said than done!
  2. Same here only thing is I didn't mind the constant attention before. I feel like I don;t have a voice with mine so I just quietly go with almost everything.
  3. My husband is like this too. He is emotionally draining!. He stays under me and always says he wants to talk but when I start talking he either talks over me or I feel like he's not listening and doesn't care. I've tried to leave but somehow I just keep coming back. Sometimes I think death is better.
  4. Through everything you have been through I am so glad you found someone you are spending the rest of your life with that is not only a spouse but a best friend and support system.
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