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  1. Being born female is a privilege because I can do something a man cannot. Give birth and be a Mom. But I often think the privilege ends there. I am an outspoken, intelligent woman. I believe I can do just about anything a man can do. But most men do not see me/women this way. To most men, I/we are breasts and a vagina. Maybe ass and legs. To most men, I/we are not as strong, physically or mentally, intelligent, dedicated, or important as they are. We are classified by are looks. Thin, fat, tall, short, big/small chested, pretty/plain/ugly. When I
  2. I understand too well...I have been searching for a safe place all my life, thinking sex would help me find love...when its not about sex at all, never was.
  3. Hi CaliGirl....glad you found the sight! Seems to me we survivors will forever carry our experience(s) with us, and they resurface at times. Just as long as we do not allow them to take over and define who we are....
  4. 52 yrs old...repeated victimization. From the first, never reported because I felt no one believed me.... I am trying to get a new outlook, new path. My husband is a controller, verbally abusive....has cut off all friends and trying to cut off family. Went so far as to have an affair with my last 2 "friends", although no one admits it. He gave me an STD from that... ughh... So I need your help.....I need to find out who I am. I need to find friends. I need to find a LIFE!
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