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    I like drinking wine, rescuing dogs & helping other people. Simple.

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  1. I'm thinking of starting a blog. I doubt anyone would read it though...

    1. howlieowl


      i felt the same way when i first started mine. people, me included, will read it:). you got plenty of support here.:lindybear:*cheering you on*

    2. Hawkgirl


      I think someone would read it, most certainly!  I think a lot of someones would read it.  You have plenty to say and plenty to share.  I am with @howlieowl. I am "cheering you on" too. :bubble:

    3. ASnow


      HOw do you start a blog?

  2. Welcome to AS @reesab! I've found that this is the only place I feel safe enough to talk about what's in my mind. I hope you have the same experience here, because you deserve to heal. Take care.
  3. physical pain is easier to deal with than what's going on in my head right now 

  4. Triggered. Massively. I can't do this anymore. I have no more strength inside me. :cry:

    1. limbodante


      If there's one thing I've learned about hitting rock bottom, it's that there's always a little more left in the reserve tank. You can do this, you're stronger than you think *hug*

    2. xKeepingFaithx


      Thanks. I just wish I could believe you. Rock bottom is a scary place to be. X

  5. Weclome to AS @devon7 I'm so sorry this happened to you. You don't have to worry about what to say, or not to say for that matter. I think we're all a nice bunch of people who understand what it's like to truly hurt. You ARE a survivor! I'd glad you've got some hope. With a little bit of hope, you can do anything. Take care of yourself, you deserve to be at peace.
  6. Welcome to AS! I'm new here too, and my experience so far has been nothing but supportive. Please be gentle with yourself and remember that you deserve to be happy. I'm sending you lots of support and I hope the AS community will help you in your journey. I, for one, will be here to offer support whenever you need it. Take care.
  7. My "self destruct" button has been pushed too often. I'm scared and so tired.:(

  8. Welcome to AS @blndgirl. I'm sending lots of strength and kindness your way. I am also new here, and so far I've found other members to be encouraging and supportive. If there's anything I can do to help you, just let me know. Take care.
  9. Literally, all I seem to do is work...

  10. @Ash9 I'm glad you like it! Hope you're finding your way around AS ok... Let me know if I can help with anything ♥
  11. @Ash9 I know, I love it too! I feel like butterflies represent being free, not sure why but I guess that's why I like it haha
  12. Hi @Ash9! Welcome to AS. I'm new to this too. I hope you find the support you need. Sending strength and kindness your way! Faith x
  13. Tired, hungry and emotional. Never a good mix!

    1. MeBeMary


      I agree, not a good mix. :hug: to you, if ok.

    2. xKeepingFaithx
  14. @MeBeMary @reglois @EmergingLight @phoenixxx Thank you all for your kind words. Feeling alone is the scariest thing right now. When I feel that I don't have an outlet, things tend to spiral. I'm hoping I'll start to feel more in control soon. I don't like talking about what happened to people who don't understand. But then again, not many people actually do understand, so I'm stuck. Things are bad tonight.
  15. Thank you. I've struggled a lot recently, so all support is gratefully accepted...
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