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  1. I'm not really new but it has been over a year since I last posted here and the first time I have logged in for a long time. I guess I had hoped that by not acknowledging it I could make it go away again but, alas, that has not proved to be true at all. So....hey again, everyone.

  2. Welcome Ayla, I am sorry for what has brought you here but am glad you found us. I hope you find it to be a safe, welcoming community like I have. As someone who has, and still does at times, tell myself that "it could have been worse" I think it is single handedly one of the worst things to hear or say to yourself. Things can always be worse but that does not mean it isn't already difficult to deal with or that we don't have a right to be upset about it. Hope we can all support you on your journey

  3. Welcome, Susan. As others have said, this is a great place to chat with people who understand where you are coming from. I have learned a lot from people here, and received a lot of support, in my short time on AS

  4. 1 hour ago, devon7 said:

    Hi everyone, I'm new here obviously. I'm 21 and a survivor, that's actually the first time I've used that word and identified with it. I'm a senior in college and was attacked a few months ago by my boyfriends best friend. I've tried to report, but the school is too concerned with preserving their image to actually do anything. I don't know what else I'm supposed to say, but I'm kind of getting a touch of hope for the first time

    Welcome, devon. I am so sorry for what brought you here but I am confident you will find a supportive and welcoming community here. I hope you are able to find the support you need, both here and in real life.

  5. 7 hours ago, Stephanie from MD said:

    I'm new here. My name is Stephanie. I'm 19 years old. On Christmas Eve my husband totaled my car, drinking and driving. He left the car there and it was impounded. I called the police as soon as he told me, so he left me. He has been very abusive since day one.. and now I'm free of the abuse.. but I am miserable. I'm so used to getting hit and yelled at every day. I'm so lonely now. I have nothing.

    Welcome to you too, Stephanie. I am sorry for everything you have gone through as well.

  6. Hello all, I am new here and just thought I would introduce myself a bit and say hey.  I am finally beginning to address and acknowledge my experiences after almost 6 years. Also trying to finally admit that the hiding and the ignoring are not working to fix me or help me heal. It is hard though and I am having a tough time with some of it. Hoping to find a safe, supportive community here where I can learn as I continue to heal and grow.

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