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  1. Thanks all..Im going to post in private forums. Of whats going on with me right now..
  2. When I was trying to say what triggered me into a panic attack.... Oh great more triggers.... After not being wanted and later told this sme person saying she didn't like me... If anyone needs to go crazy it's me for losing my husband...okie dokie..why is it that one pain must be more painful then another pain?? And the worse one You're too damaged.... and my all time favorite... Bet you got alot of experience learning about all that..in ref to the type of child porn.. peeshaw...grrr now Im pissed.
  3. Thank you Kate, Exactly why I picked the name...means manythings since right now Im frozen but I know the beauty inside I just need to find it again through this huge test Im going through right now.
  4. Wowie! What a nice thing to sign into! Thank you all for the warm welcome. I hope I finally found a home here too. I'll post more in the private forums of what my life is like right now..I am hoping to be able to find a safe ground here as I battle getting my own life together again. Again thank you very much for the warmth it's much needed right now in the dark place i find myself..anyone got a weed wacker I can borrow..it's awfully overgrown around here....lol
  5. Thanks for the welcome...and nice to meet you.
  6. Hi..Im newly registered user..not new to being a survivor...hello to all.
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