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    People, pets and finding a way to truly love myself, as I am, because that is the route to healing and when I truly love myself I can truly love my nearest and dearest instead of venting my anger at them and at myself when I'm not coping.

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  1. Hi everyone

    can anyone signpost me to the abbreviations notes - I found it before I registered and now I'm lost.

    Still finding my way around.

    Will tell my story at some point. Told it enough times now to summarise for speed.

    1. MeBeMary


      Hi. Altho you have probably seen it posted in various forms on the site, The Newbie Support Team is working on a post that will contain, among other things, the most commonly used abbreviations. Below is a list that will be contained in that post. Hope it helps you.

      • AS = After Silence (the Forum)
      • PM = Private Message
      • TW = Trigger Warning (contains details of abuse that could upset someone else who reads it and may make them think of their own abuse. So using TW, a person has a choice whether to read the post or not).
      • C = Counselor
      • T = Therapist
      • SI = Self Injury
      • IRL = In Real Life
      • TY = Thank You
      • TC = Take Care
      • R or R*** = Rape
      • DID= Dissociative Identity Disorder
    2. Icanseeclearlynow


      Thank you MeBeMary or rather TY

    3. MeBeMary


      Not a problem at all. TC. :)


  2. this is me

    1. MeBeMary


      Hi Icanseeclearlynow.  

      I see that you are new to the site, so welcome. I am glad you found us and wish you well on your healing journey.


    2. Icanseeclearlynow


      Thank you MeBeMary

      I am happy I found this site

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