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  1. just got here too. it's hard to talk to people maybe it will be easier here. hope you find what you need.
  2. welcome i'm new too. someone told me that you'll never get over this but you will get thru it. it's been two years and i haven't reached that point yet. hope you find this place helpful.
  3. new too. know nothing about message boards so i'm sure i'll mess up to. this is only my second post. i haven't posted my story yet, just a little blib on this welcome board. i'm not that brave yet so i commend you on your courage. good luck.
  4. i'm new here too. i have no idea what this place is like but i figure anything is worth a shot to not feel so alone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, i know it's rough to have bad memories associated with what supposed to be a good day. for what it's worth i hope you can focus on the good parts.
  5. someone i know suggested i find a message board/group online so i could feel safe to talk about what happened to me. well i'm here. i don't know much about groups or forums but i'll give it a try. two years ago someone i loved who said they loved me, held me captive, physically tortured me, and raped me. since then i guess you could say, i've been lost. i don't know who i am anymore or where i belong. maybe i'll find some answers here.
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