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I am a 34 year old women, who has a tremendous amount of trauma, and hurt.  I am turning that hurt into a way to help others.  I am currently in college studying to become a therapist I am doing well, currently I have an A average.  I want to give back to our community here as it has given me so very much.  I have PTSD depression anxiety ADHD and borderline personality disorder, I wish to end the stigma that that makes me a bad person to the rest of the world.  I have no anger or resentment towards the men that hurt me and I forgive them, that doesn't mean I would trust them near me but that does mean I am free from my own pain and I know that God will handle them in whatever way he needs too.  It is not easy to come to that mindset and it is harder to actually mean it, I have to forgive them every time I remember so I don't cary that bitterness and hate with me.  What are you doing to improve the world around you?

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