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  1. Thanks Determined One! I have to say that this is the first post I have replyed to for a while, and it was just what I neeeded! Ok, here comes my whinge: No, I haven't stubbed my toe, but I have just started my morning to cat poop all over my new carpet, I guess she doesn't like the rain! Sodding animal is not my favourite at the moment. I walked in wednesday night, after a really tough day to find my BF's grandma had left me some tea to save me cooking, a really yummy roast. Went to heat it up and my dear old kitty cat was helping herself. 9pm and I started cooking... Seriously though, it
  2. Hi Reyzl! Happy Birthday to Cat! I hope you continue to find this a place of love and support, and congratulations on finding the courage to make your first post! Feel free to get in touch anytime. Claire x
  3. Welcome majeannie Bit of a newbie myself, just wanted to say that you have come to a great place, I have never met a bunch of people so honest, sensitive, caring, and non-judgemental. I really hope you find it to be the same as AS can be a lifeline of support when you need it, and a great pick-me-up! I read something on here every day that makes me smile! Don't be nervous and ask away if you have any questions, Claire x
  4. Welcome to you! I guess most of feel like that alot of the time, which is why you have come to the right place! My personal experience of AS is that I have finally found a place where I can go, whether to share good news, or to try and express my feelings (however negative they may be), and the people I am talking to have experienced something similar and are non-judgemental. Knowing your not alone can help a great deal, and this is a great place of reflection, hope, support and comfort. I hope you find this too... Good luck, and feel free to message me if your feeling down, Hugs to you and
  5. Hi Danielle, Claire from Birmingham, UK. New myself, but I really hope you come here and find what I have found: Peace and understanding, Wishing you luck and wellbeing, Claire x
  6. Welcome I hope you find the strength and support you are looking for Claire
  7. You have taken a huge step in saying hello. Welcome! Claire.
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