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  1. An Idea - Portable Hugs?

    Please, can I play too?! I wanna hug the teddy bear.
  2. I Got An Idea

    Count me in, Not sure if I'm a newbie still or an "old-bie" but I'll help anyway I can
  3. Suggestion For The Eating Disorders Forum

    I agree. This would be a great idea. I too suffer from emotional eating. Some support from those who know and understand would truly help me and the others like me out there. Great thinking!
  4. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    My sister told me "it's time to get over it now, it's been a week." The relationship with my sister is over now. Done forever. I hate her for the words she has said.
  5. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    My older sister told me during one particularly hard day" "Get over it. It's done" Umm, excuse me? It may be done for you, he never raped you. But it will never be over for me. Or after I finally got the courage to speak up after 7 years of abuse, when my mother thought I needed to talk to the priest. The priest asked me, "Well, did you ever parade around naked in front of your brother to provoke him?" First of all, I was 11. NO i didnt. Second of all, even if I did, it doesn't give him the right to molest, rape and beat me.
  6. Room For Another Newbie?

    I'm 31, and trying to become a survivor. I was raped throughout my childhood and 3 times as an adult, with the most recent being a week ago, all by my older brother. I was hoping to find support, find people who understand what I am going through. Edited to add: I supposed I should clarify. My first name is Laura. My username is protectingmolly because Molly is my precious daughter.