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    I am an artist, so of course all art. But sculpture is the love of my life. Love all mediums, but wax is my favorite. <br /> Besides that, just normal stuff. Being silly, food, talking extremely long walks to no where.

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  1. Welcome Winterrose! Im Anna, glad your here, its a great supportive place.
  2. Welcome! Im glad you came here, its very helpful. Make your self at home. And know that we all are here for you.
  3. Hey Secrets, welcome. Im glad you you came here. Lots of love and take care
  4. Welcome. This place is great, everyone is nice and supportive. We all are here for you. Take care and feel free to talk to me whenever
  5. Hey, welcome. Im also new, and so glad I found this place. Talk to me anytime Anna
  6. Hello. I am new here and dont really know what to say, or how to start. So just decided I will say that. Hi. Anna
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