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  1. @JustSam

    this has hit me really hard and has me crying.  I has this all the time and I also add in to mine what did I do that was so bad. Why didn't my mother protect me from my father?  Why couldn't I find someone to help?  Too many questions in my head.  I don't understand.  Guess I will never understand it.  Ugh

  2. I was found half dead in the woods after being gang R at 10...I woke up in the hospital basically I didn't have to say much on this one.  Up until recently I kept my mouth shut on the other ones and I told 3 friends and my T before saying anything on here.  The one R 2 friends I told and they talked me into going to the police. 

    When I was 10 I was told to never speak of it again by my parents and to forget what happened after my father blamed me for it all and call me bad and a w**re among other words.  The friends were supportive but after everything from being 10 I basically kept my mouth shut after my one friend basically said goodbye to me after everything.  

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