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  1. Welcome to the forum maria. Im sure you find lots of support here. Its great to hear you want to move on. You are not alone. I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years and left her some months ago. I am also in the process of moving on and still a bit hang up in the denial phase. Often I see my ex as a good person who didnt mean any of that. Then in some moments I see her for what she is but then fall back into my fantasy world where I imagine all the good things and block out the bad. It can be a real mess. Sorry for rambling on just want to let you know you are not alone with your struggle
  2. Welcome to the forum. You will find lot of support here.
  3. Having a cold since a few days

  4. Welcome to the forum. Im sure you find some supportive people here. Im also on at strange times. I come from germany so there is about an 6 hour time difference. Funny when I come to chat after work and people wish me good morning.
  5. Welcome to the forum. You will find plenty of support here. The chat will get unlock as soon as you did a total of 10 posts.
  6. You get access once you made a total of 10 posts
  7. I feel the same. When I tell my story im completely detached from my emotions. Its like I narrate a newspaper article. It seems so strange I dont feel anything. In fact one of the reasons my first therapist thought I made it up was that I was not emotional when telling it. You are not alone. I believe its just a way to protect ourselves from the pain.
  8. Yeah I know what you mean. I felt the same when I did my first post here.
  9. Welcome to the forum. You are definitely not alone here.
  10. Welcome to AS. I hope you find here the support you looking for.
  11. Welcome to the forum. The people are very supportive here. You can take your time and share whenever you feel comfortable.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Its great to have you here and im sure you will find lot of supportive people here. How it works pretty much depends on what you feel comfortable with. Some people want to read for a while until they share something about themselves other are ready to share earlier. Take your time and share something when you feel comfortable with it. The chat will be available as soon as you made 10 posts.
  13. Welcome to the forum. This is indeed a wonderful place. You will find lot of supportive people here.
  14. Welcome to the forum. Im sure you find a lot of supportive people in here. You are not alone
  15. Welcome to the forum. I get what you are saying its sometimes hard to hold myself back from using bad language for ugly thing like this. Hope you find this forum helpful and supportive.
  16. Welcome to the forum. Its normal to be scared about reaching out. With every post it gets easier and you feel more comfortable because you see how much support you are getting and that you are not alone. Just take your time and share whenever you are ready to do so. The chat gets unlocked whenever you had 10 posts. Hope you will feel comfortable here.
  17. a little late but I want to welcome you also
  18. Welcome to the forum. Im sure you find lot of supportive people here. Sharing with others like me really helped me so much in the healing process. You are not alone.
  19. Im sure nobody here will be offended by visiting escorts. I believe its very common for victims of abuse to cope with the abuse in that fashion. I feel kind of unable to being touched by a person for a while now but I have what I consider a porn addiction and compulsive masturbation. I tried to deal with both of it for some years and also looked into how to "cure" porn addiction but nothing really helped. What I find so interesting in the healing process is that lot of issues seem to disappear of themselves once I progress in the healing. I still watch porn and masturbation really often but be
  20. well I meant I went back to denying the abuse effected me and later that it even happened. I started to stuff down my feelings and ignored them. I began thinking the abuse wasnt really that bad and it dont affect at all anymore. I decided its best to forget it and never mention it again. Later I thought I dont have any objective evidence it ever happened and people often have false memories and repressed memories are not really reliable. I convinced myself the abuse probably didnt happen and even if it doesnt really matter because it doesnt affect at all. If anything got to the surface and I b
  21. Im 33. When I was about 18-19 the first flashbacks came and I had a complete mental breakdown. That lead me start healing. I had some bad experiences with some therapists on the way which let me to getting back in the denial phase for over 10 years. I had then my first real relationship which was quite abusive. During that I had severe issues with getting intimate which convinced me the abuse was still effecting me very much. That was the motivation for me to pick up where I left. After months of back and forth I joined this forum to get in contact with other people like me. Since then Im work
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