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  1. Welcome to the forums. I can relate to the feeling of being judged. It was very hard for me to open up to people here because I was afraid what they might think of me. People here are not judgemental and that really helps. I was kind of surprised everytime I shared something deep other people responded who felt the same. Take your time in opening and be assured nobody here will judge you.

  2. I am not sure if cope so well or not I guess I just try to go forward one day at a time. Sleeping can really be tough sometimes. What helped me to sleep is having a little bed light for some time. I also try to focus my mind on something until I am so exhausted I just go fall asleep. I like to watch something cheery before going to sleep. I noticed whatever I fill my mind with really affects my sleep. What also helps is making my environment safe. I always close all my windows and doors. I dont know why but it makes me feel much more safe. Other then that patience is crucial. Its common go through some phases where sleeping is so hard. Maybe try lots of different stuff it can take time until you find whats working for you. Most important thing is be easy on yourself. :)

  3. Welcome to AS. I can relate to that. Seeing how much of my daily life was affected by something that happened so long ago also brought me here. I found the support and experience of other members here very helpful. Hope you find here what you are looking for.

  4. welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find this as a place of great support. Dont worry about giving too much information I do it all the time. I can relate to your problems with your mom. My mother was also very emotional abusive with me and I was always the scapegoat. I am glad you finally found someone who treats you good. Good luck with finding a new therapist. :)

  5. Welcome to the forum. I am glad you reached out here and looking for support. I am so sorry for what happened to you. Its very common to feel your body it not yours anymore. I feel the same. Healing from something like that takes a long time. Give yourself some time and take care of yourself. You are not alone and reach out here whenever you need some support.

  6. Welcome to the forum maria. Im sure you find lots of support here. Its great to hear you want to move on. You are not alone. I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years and left her some months ago. I am also in the process of moving on and still a bit hang up in the denial phase. Often I see my ex as a good person who didnt mean any of that. Then in some moments I see her for what she is but then fall back into my fantasy world where I imagine all the good things and block out the bad. It can be a real mess. Sorry for rambling on just want to let you know you are not alone with your struggles.

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  7. Welcome to the forum. Im sure you find some supportive people here. Im also on at strange times. I come from germany so there is about an 6 hour time difference. Funny when I come to chat after work and people wish me good morning. :P

  8. I feel the same. When I tell my story im completely detached from my emotions. Its like I narrate a newspaper article. It seems so strange I dont feel anything. In fact one of the reasons my first therapist thought I made it up was that I was not emotional when telling it. You are not alone. I believe its just a way to protect ourselves from the pain.

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