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  1. as another trans member, i agree with everything @Haymer said here.
  2. neither


    @phoenixxx, @reglois, @SilentBird & @MeBeMary- thank you all so much for the warm welcome you might not know it from all my posting around but it was very hard to step to take coming here. glad & grateful that i did though. only wish i knew about it sooner! anyway, wishing each of you a wonderful day
  3. thanks Winterwishes! hopefully other users will understand Rose, obviously i am a little disappointed to hear that, but i do appreciate you taking the time to respond and tell me the reason. be well!
  4. hello, and to the moderators, thank you for all you do here. i am new but already very grateful this space exists. i am writing to ask if it's possible to have my profile more accurately reflect my gender. i am a non-binary trans person - i do not identify as male or as female. i was disheartened when, upon registration, i had to choose between male and female - moreso when i saw how everyone sees "male" when i post. (that is why i chose the name "neither"). being non-binary is a big part of who i am, and it relates to some of my experiences a survivor, as well as my great difficulty find
  5. neither


    may this message find everyone safe and well. i am new to this forum and still looking around. i survived sexual violence both in my youth and in my adult life. some events that were blocked out for a long time, have been coming back lately as well. been having a rough time, don't sleep much, (stop me when you've heard this one before ). i called a hotline and shared how what i really wanted was to listen and talk with peers, other survivors. the person on the other end of the line directed me here. 'til next time...
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