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  1. To believe that everyone cares and to find out that they really don't care is the worst way to feel. It's the worst feeling in the world. And you sit at home contemplating how your life even got to be a mess. You sit at your glass table by your laptop, attempting to spill your heart out - Although, this blog posting may only get one read or two. Reason why, because I'm that invisible girl that everyone knows me for. I'm that girl that can be easily passed by on the streets and everyone would assume she's okay when she's not. I'm that girl that has been through an incredible amount of pain and
  2. Angelcake2546

    My Dark Web

    What you wrote touched me. ):
  3. @teleah I'm trying so hard to find nurturing people but it's like there's nobody as everyone keeps withdrawing themselves from my life. I'm completely alone a part from my counsellor. Although, I feel like I'm annoying her >.>
  4. What hurts the most is that the people I once thought cared for me are no longer there in my life anymore. What I expected did not happen and my life seems to be going downhill. People want to be happy but I can't. My mother for instance messaged me through text and said, "I focus on a positive outlook for my life... if you are negative, you're ruining my life." She wants nothing to do with me and especially what I have been through... I expected to have someone like her in my life particularly because she's my Mom and everything... But she isn't. SHE ISN'T. And that's what hurts t
  5. Angelcake2546

    more alone than ever

    I feel the exact same way, like somebody stole my voice. People want to talk to me but I refuse to talk to them. I would send them a "hi" through text message but that's it. It's hard enough adding this comment but I want to let you know that you're not the only one. Recently, I went through a situation where now the trust I used to have is no longer there. I'm weak because of it and I've lost friends who can't seem to understand my thinking. I'm at a loss as well. I'm very depressed with anxiety... I don't know what else to do but I'm pushing myself for school... I'm sure you can too. My
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