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  1. My T has more or less told me I have PTSD. I have most of the symptoms (except drug/alcohol struggles). I get it. But I hate the label. Like ADHD and peanut allergies. I'm not saying those aren't real. It's just... it seems some people are eager to label themselves, to identify themselves by their labels. Elementary classrooms and lunchroom tables are designated as "peanut free zones" (i get it, I really do). The majority of kids on meds for ADHD don't even have the actual condition (I wish I had the study in front of me).

    However, those who have PTSD, for the most part, really have it. It's part of their lives. It's part of MY life. But I shy away from the label. I don't want to "give in" to it. I don't want to be identified by it. Like most others, I wish I could wish it away. But for now, it has a grip on me. OK,

    I am suffering PTSD, but I will heal.

    I am gripped by PTSD, but I resolve to become free from it.

    PTSD is painful to endure and work through, but it will not define me.


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