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  1. I really hate myself right now... 

  2. I'm losing my sense of self 

    1. raveninhaven


      It is easy to feel that way dealing with such serious pain. You are bigger than anything that has happened to you or anything that you have done. Sometimes, we just need to find that thing that reminds us who we are and why we are here. For me, it is love. Love for dancing and exploring myself and nature and my nephews. Love can be in anything, and it has helped me find myself when I didn't know who that was. Hang in there. :hug:

    2. raveninhaven


      exploring myself I mean like my mind and figuring out what kinds of things I like to do-trying new things. And I love seeing new parts of nature and I love to play with my nephews! My wording was weird so I just thought I would clarify what I meant. Listening to music and singing (although Im terrible at it) are also things I love. They are little things that even if just for 30 seconds, lift my mood and make me smile and make each day even just a little better. 

    3. crushedflower


      even though this experience is unique to each person, i can relate to this feeling. i often feel that way when very dissociated. i used to wander around with realizing this. finding positive things to hang on to and to orient to who i am and where i am help a lot.

      safe hugs.:hug:

  3. I don't know why I get so down on myself and these urges creep up. I'm scared to be here alone. Nobody to stop me... 😖

  4. Possible trigger warning


    Well, I've done it... I got myself to where I have to be monitored by a medical professional cause I have no self control... I'm scared to sleep but they are giving me drugs to help... I feel so lost and afraid. 😭 

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