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  1. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    I'm sure there are plenty I'll have to add to this... but for now, the one that sticks most in my mind is the one that comes from my rapist: "We were drunk, we made a mistake, you need to f*cking get over it." I said f*ck you, called his name, and said f*ck you again and hung up on him. He called back to call me a b*tch, and to tell me I'm f*cking spineless. Some friend. I guess next to that was hearing the police report read back to me. It stated that I "wiggled my hips and butt around". *excuse me?!*. I was trying to get away from him, and I never used those words. I said scooting away from him, pushing back on the bed. I remember showing the officer what I had done, tears streaming down my face as I showed him my movement, yet the sergeant who read that report back to me made it seem like I wanted it in those six words. Damn. The sergeant followed that with a question isn't whether or not the two of you had sex, it's whether or not it was consensual. My attacker's attorney said the very same thing in court.... oh, right, because I often report consensual sex to the authorities, and I think it's a fuckin' riot to drag my "friends" to court. Woo! PAR-TAY. fachkers.
  2. Navigating The Forums

    thanks! :D
  3. Hello I'm New.

    i noticed in this very first post my tendency to downplay. wtf ... i posted a SMILE as my topic icon? please... i was just reading through my journal today, and four days after it happened, i was already writing that i should totally be over it by now.... ugh.
  4. is there a way for me to keep tabs on threads that i have started or responded to? im so... confused.
  5. Free Hugs

    woo. hugs! glad you found it here. i'm new too, i kinda dig it.
  6. Hello I'm New.

  7. Hello I'm New.

    I don't really have much to say. Um, yep. My nick name has been Bunny for a long time, someone said it was because I hippity-hopped right into their heart. So, Bunny works for the board. Um, I had experienced some childhood sa, but dealt with that in therapy. However; I'm on this board because about four weeks ago I my trust was broken, and a friend proved to me he was anything but. I'm often told that the incident is "so recent" but, it feels like months and months have passed on some days. What's more confusing, I suppose, is that on others, it may as well have been yesterday. I don't always know how I feel. And somewhere in the last four weeks, I actually had a birthday.... oh my. I guess.... that's my introduction?