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  1. Hi Berry50, I'm also pretty new to this. I was also sexually abused by my brother as a child, and didn't start unpacking and healing until college either. I hope you find great comfort in sharing your story here, and I hope it gives you the strength to share with the people in your life you care about. I'm so sorry for what happened to you that brought you here, but I'm glad you found this site if it will help.
  2. Thank you phoenixxx, sociallyawkward and Patricia for reading and taking the time to respond. I am moving to Kenya for a job. A wonderful job I've wanted for years actually! And I have a supportive husband and a sweet baby. I really have a ton to be thankful for, but I'm feeling a lot of anxiety over being in a new role and being uprooted and planted in a whole new place soon. I'm just glad this site exists so I can have a support team even when I'm in my new home!
  3. I'm Cait, and I'm new. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and a fairly recent sexual assault as an adult. I worked hard to get to a healthy place, and had been doing so well until this more recent attack. I've put off taking care of myself, and I'm glad to finally be here. I hope I can support many of you and receive your kind support in return. A little about me... I'm moving from the U.S. to East Africa in the next month. I am a new mom. And I'm feeling pretty stressed! Nothing but love
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